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The Latest Trilogy in STEELE International, Inc. - Jackson Corporation A Billionaires Romance Series Crossover:

Honor My Desires Harris and Kat Part III

CharmaineLouise Books CLBooks Honor My Desires Harris & Kat Part III STEELE International, Inc. - Jackson Corporation A Billionaires Romance Series Crossover

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Chapter 1:

“Hey, Kitty Kat. Have dinner with me tonight at my penthouse. I’ll get one of Lucien’s restaurants to send over food. But you’ll be dessert. Hmmm… Maybe some fresh whipped cream and a couple of sweet maraschino cherries on top. Licked clean, naturally. Sounds tantalizing enough for you?”

I smirk when Kat’s gasp comes through the mobile. I can picture her alabaster cheeks flushing rosy red. Not as vibrant as her Titian hair, but just as silky to the touch. The pupils of her eyes more than likely dilate with lust, leaving only their rims a dazzling emerald green. Her little pink tongue darts out to moisten her lush lips as the air rushes past them.

My cock twitches in the trousers of my bespoke Saville Row suit at the vision of my sexy Siren aroused.

Katrina Roberts cum Katrina Jackson. Yeah… Jackson.

The woman who nearly toppled both the Jackson and the Steele clans with her scheme of vengeance in alignment with Chester Chet Stewart. Kat—an unknown cousin of the Jacksons—partnered with Stewart Scotch, Jackson Corporation’s top competitor and historical clan rival amongst the world of Scottish nobility. 

And I—Harris Steele, tech wiz extraordinaire—didn’t see it coming. At. All.

Too busy enthralled by that redheaded Siren to see the signs of her betrayal until it was almost too late. Three months of the closest to a committed relationship I’ve ever had in my thirty-two years, and it ends with her admittance of misdeeds. 

Lachlan Jackson—my cousin via our mothers being best friends and my brother-in-law—as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Jackson Corporation may have chosen not to press charges. He only banned Kat from Scotland.

But I banished her from my life. For fourteen weeks, that is. Unable to resist her Siren’s call, I initiated a week to fuck her out of my system. All it did was make me crave her more and realize more is just what I want from Kat Jackson. My Kitty Kat.

She redeemed herself with letters of apology to each member of my family and conducted herself in the manner of one who wants to make amends. She even donated the money she garnered from giving Stewart intel on Jackson Corporation to the Aberdeen Children’s Center, where she volunteered.

I’m far from a weak man and gave her hell. But there’s no point in wallowing in the fiery pits when I can luxuriate deep in her warm, welcoming core. Especially when we both acknowledge what we shared over those three months was real. Despite her initial reason to use me as a smokescreen to access the Jacksons as part of her attempt at their downfall. 

Ah well…

So here we are post the Seven-day Fuckfest, a surprise trip to Maui for Valentine’s Day—don’t think I’m not a romantic—and a week of me in Buenos Aires for business. And I want to have My Kitty Kat cum for dinner. Yup, pun intended. And in my penthouse at The STEELE Tower on Fifty-seventh and Fifth Avenue in the midst of Billionaires’ Row in New York City. My sanctuary where no women besides those of my family have crossed the threshold. 

Harris Steele—Alpha male billionaire playboy—falls for The One. Hard.

The last man standing of The STEELE Quaternity—dubbed such by the media as the most sought-after of the world’s eligible billionaires and heirs to STEELE International, Inc. Handsome; six plus feet; ebony hair; shades of gray eyes; powerful Alpha Doms and males. I’ve followed in the footsteps of my three older brothers Sebastian, Malcolm, and Roger. They succumbed and married the women who captured their hearts—Lola, Starr, and Leonie, respectively. 

I once laughed and called my brothers suckers. Now, they’ll laugh at me. Again. This time for good. If My Kitty Kat behaves like a good little kitten.

“Oh, Harris,” she starts breathlessly. “That sounds more than tantalizing. I’d love to have dinner with you… And be your dessert.”

I growl as her response ends in a sultry purr. My cock throbs in approval.

“Excellent, Kitty Kat. I’ll meet you in front of your apartment building at seven tonight,” I say, ignoring the twinge in my gut from her use of the four-letter word even regarding food. I’m not all the way there yet. We end the call, and I sit back in the leather chair of my Gulfstream G650ER.

“The pilot is ready for takeoff, Mr. Steele.”

I turn my gaze from the window to the flight attendant and smile as I give my consent to leave Buenos Aires behind. 

As much as I enjoy being the co-head of STEELE Technology and Cyber Security with my fraternal twin Haley, I can’t wait to head home. Home where My Kitty Kat will be soon.



“I apologize, Mr. Steele. There’s no getting around this accident. Shall I have a STEELE driver collect Ms. Jackson?”

A glance at my Audemars Piguet The Royal Oak Complication watch confirms we’ll be late picking up My Kitty Kat. I agree with my driver, Alonso Masa’s recommendation. Once the STEELE driver is outside of her apartment building, I call to let her know.

“Hi, Harris,” she says breathlessly. “I’m walking towards the lobby door now.”

“Hey, Kitty Kat, I’m stuck in traffic. So I won’t be able to pick you up. I sent a STEELE driver with a silver Mercedes-Benz S 580 for you. He’s out front. Do you see him?” I tell her.

“Yes, and I’m getting inside now,” she responds, in an attempt to hide her disappointment.

Join the club. I’d rather have met her, too. 

“Okay, a member of security at The STEELE Tower will give you access to my penthouse. He’ll meet you at the concierge desk. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Oh, wait, hold on… I have to take this call. I’ll see you soon,” I say, then end the call.

It’s from a potential client another client referred to me while in Argentina. I can’t ignore it. While I answer, I pull up the message app and shoot a text to Kat. Hopefully, it’ll lessen the bluntness of my hang up.

Sorry I had to rush. Can’t wait to see you. H.

By the end of the call, I’ve secured a new client for his company and his personal accounts. I send a quick text message to Haley as a heads-up. She sends back a grinning emoji. Then follows it with a reminder I’m behind her in our monthly new business quota by two. 

We’re the youngest of the Steele siblings and a surprise to our parents being three years younger than Roger. As the Dynamic Duo, Haley and I have made it our mission to make our mark on STEELE International and to contribute to our family’s multigenerational, multibillion-dollar company. 

Consequently, our division generates a sizable amount to STEELE’s bottom line and brings in clients for the other divisions—Retail Properties, Entertainment Properties, and Residential Properties. Each of our brothers runs a division, with Baz also being the CEO and Chairman of the Board. STCS has become an indispensable part of STEELE International. 

I snicker and shoot back an eye roll emoji, knowing it’ll get Haley riled up.

We’re hella close and love each other to death. She’s as protective of me as I am of her. I’m sure she’ll be okay with Kat and me getting back together since Haley instigated Kat and me talking weeks ago. Based on my conversation with my Dad Morgan and my mother Shelley’s message, I’m sure they’ll be open to it, even if warily. Remain open to love. It can surprise you whence it comes. 

I keep my parents’ words of wisdom in mind as I walk through the living room of my penthouse to where My Kitty Kat stands staring out the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“I’m more impressed by the view of you, Kitty Kat, than you can ever be of the Manhattan skyline at night,” I say. My warm breath tickles the side of her neck as I whisper in her ear.

She shudders.

“I missed you, Kitty Kat,” I rumble, nuzzling her neck. “Did you miss me?”

She places a snifter next to her mobile on a table and turns around to face me. Her slender arms go around my neck as she stands on tiptoe to bring my face closer to hers.

“More than you can even imagine, Harris Steele,” she murmurs against my lips, then nips the bottom one. The scent of Jackson Scotch wafts across my face.

I growl deep in my chest as I bend my knees and toss My Kitty Kat over my shoulder. A swat to her ass only covered by a wisp of silk from her dress makes her yelp and flail her legs. I band one arm around her thighs and stride from the living room.

“You will show me just how much, naughty lass,” I rumble. “First, I feed you, then you feed me. After, we eat what Lucien has for us.”

“Yes, Harris,” she purrs like a good little kitten.

Off to a great start.

Once inside my bedroom suite, I carry her to the bed and place her on her feet. My hands skim the sides of her body from her shoulders to her thighs. With a flick of my wrists, I divest her of the skimpy, silky number she wore to tease me.

My Siren gasps and covers her DDs with her hands. More than her palms can cover, the luscious tits spill around them.

“Do not cover yourself from me, naughty lass,” I admonish as I grasp her wrists and bring them over her head. I dip mine to envelop a puckered rosy nipple into my hungry mouth.

She groans and undulates her body.

My other hand drops to cup her round ass to still her movements. I want her to focus on the pleasurable sensations without distraction.

I continue to lave, nip, and to suckle her delectable tits until they’re heavy with her need. Another flick of my wrist and I snap the thin material of her G-string to bare her pussy to me. My fingers skim its wet seam collecting her cream. 

Her pupils dilate as she watches me slip the glistening digits into my mouth and swirl my tongue around them. My groan of appreciation makes her tremble and close her eyes as she sways.

I scoop her up and toss her into the middle of my king-size bed. Her eyes pop open, then half-mast as I kick off my shoes and strip out of my suit. My muscles ripple as I stalk towards her and lower onto the bed between her spread thighs. 

My Siren widens them for my broad shoulders as I bow before her dripping fount. Her cries of carnal ecstasy as I devour her sweet pussy heighten my desire to fuck her raw.

But first she must be ready to take my ten inches. My fingers join my lips and tongue to drive her over the edge again and again. Not until her cream pools beneath her ass do I plank over her sated body.

She can only move her eyes languorously as she watches me take her legs and wrap them around my hips. She gathers the strength to tighten the hold as I align the purple, swollen head of my cock to her warm, welcoming core.

A single thrust seats me deep within her pussy. She screams as her body adjusts to my girth and length. Her inner walls clench to draw me further inside. 

I throw my head back and howl.

“So fucking good, Kitty Kat…” I groan. But remain still until she’s ready for the ride.

“Harris… Please…” she begs as her hips squirm for much-needed friction.

Who am I to deny her?

My hips meet hers as I flex my ass and withdraw before pounding back into her quivering sheath. 

Her head lolls as her mouth forms a perfect O. No sound slips past her lips. Only from her lower ones, as her wetness squelches from the driving force of my thrusts. 

My grunts add harmony to the erotic symphony we create. Her high-pitched wails as she cums undone for me build to a crescendo. I erupt with an almighty roar.

My climax triggers another for My Siren. She keens as her pussy clamps down on my cock to milk it of every single drop. Her fingernails dig into my biceps to anchor her from flying into the stratosphere.

But I’m gone. Lost in the throes of passion.

I return to My Kitty Kat’s soothing caresses and her whispered words. My face nestled between her pillowy mounds, my heartbeat slows. I wrap my arms around her waist and roll onto my back. 

She cuddles into me as her head rests on my chest over my heart. She slides her hands around my flanks to hold me close. With a sigh, she settles.

“I missed you, too, Harris Steele,” she whispers.

A satisfied smile curves across my lips.

“I missed you, too, Kat Jackson,” I respond.

Her stomach growls louder than I did moments ago. She giggles and turns her face into my chest, embarrassed.

“Not very sexy, huh?” She asks as her shoulders shake with mirth.

I smack her ass and sit up.

“No. And not good for my ego,” I respond wryly. “Guess it’s time to feed you, Kitty Kat.”

She bites the corner of her lower lip and nods. Then she lowers her gold-tinged eyelashes.

“We can always return for that dessert you promised,” she purrs.

My cock twitches, ready for more.

“Abso-fucking-lutely, Siren,” I swear.

Yeah, it’s good to be home. With My Kitty Kat.


Chapter 2:

The early morning sun shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows to bathe My Kitty Kat’s gorgeous face in an ethereal glow as she slumbers. Shadows form on the tops of her cheeks from the long fringe of eyelashes. Their golden tips catch the sun’s rays. Cheeks still rosy from our fucking a couple of hours ago. Kiss-swollen lips part as soft snores slip from between them.

I wore her out. All. Night. Long.

Yet despite my morning wood, I only want to watch her sleep, not ravish her again. The last time we laid in bed, I wondered what it would be like to fall asleep with My Kitty Kat in my arms, not just for a few days. But always. 

These past five days—with me waking alone—gave me time to reassess the situation. I was already partial to a second chance. Now, I want her not just in my bed, but in my home. 

I feel like Baz when he moved Lola into his duplex penthouse upstairs after they met. New to the City, she didn’t have a permanent residence of her own just like Kat.

Sharing an apartment—albeit a massive full-floor penthouse with her friend and colleague, Vivian Murphy—isn’t like Kat having her own place. No lease to worry about, not that it would make a bit of difference. She would break the lease, and I would pay for the penalty fee.

Decision made, I continue to watch My Kitty Kat until her eyes open slowly and adjust to the sunlit bedroom.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” I say with a grin as I stare down at her.

A lazy smile spreads across her face. She lifts her hand to cup my cheek. The stubble bristles against her smooth palm as I lean into it with my eyes closed. A contented sigh escapes from my mouth. 

“Good morning to you, early bird,” My Kitty Kat whispers as she drags her finger across my lips.

I kiss the tip of it and smile again.

“Move in with me,” I tell her, then chuckle as her eyes pop while her mouth forms a perfect O. “Is that a yes or a no?” I ask as my thumb lifts her chin to close her slack mouth.

She blinks.

Well damn, not quite the response I expected…

I duck my head at her delay and murmur, “Don’t leave a guy hanging, Kitty Kat.” 

Then I lift questioning eyes to gaze at her from beneath my thick, ebony eyelashes. 

She squeals and pushes me to my back as she straddles my hips and covers my face with kisses. Her exuberance returns a confident smile to my face.

“Yes. Yes. YES!!!” My Kitty Kat shouts with glee.

I grin like the Cheshire Cat, adding a sparkle to my dove gray eyes. I sit up and kiss the tip of her nose. 

“Good Kitty Kat,” I say, then smirk. “Let’s do this now. Then you can thank me properly later.”

She giggles and slides off my lap.

I can’t resist a spank to her round ass and chuckle wickedly as it jiggles and she yelps.

During our shower, I thwart her attempts at sucking my at-attention cock—what am I nuts?—to speed things up. I shake my head at the change in priorities. But like I said, later, not never.

While I dress, I arrange for movers from STEELE International’s operations department to meet us at the One Fifth Avenue penthouse. The team will pack Kat’s things up and bring them to my—I mean to our—penthouse. Even though it’s last minute and on a Saturday, the Vice President guarantees the move will take his team only a few hours to complete. Perfect.

Naturally, My Kitty Kat teases me about being spoiled rotten. I shrug. It is what it is.

Alonso drives us down to the landmark prewar co-op a block north of Washington Square Park on the Gold Coast of Greenwich Village.

My Kitty Kat rambles on about how happy she is to move in. Then she peppers me with questions about access, travel to the children’s nonprofit where she works as Development Director, and what she should do with her items that won’t fit.

I’ll have to add her palm print to the systems when we get back. Alonso can drive her to and from her office since my five-minute commute consists of taking the family’s private elevator from our residences to the floor for STCS. I also tell her we’ll figure out adding her items once the movers bring everything to the penthouse. They’ll organize what stays and where and what goes to storage.

She kisses my face and shimmies on the seat beside me.

Once we arrive, the doorman helps her from my Black Badge Rolls-Royce Cullinan while Alonso opens my door. My Kitty Kat and I pass through the magnificent two-story lobby headed to the elevator. She presses the button for the private tower floor on twenty-four.

The doors ping open to reveal Vivian, who throws her arms around Kat and pulls her from the elevator. Their squeals pierce the air. I chuckle and shake my head. 

When they part, Vivian grins at me. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman with skin that as Lucien—ever The Sexy Chef—says reminds him of a decadent ganache. Her toffee brown eyes gleam with excitement for her friend as she pushes a stray ebony curl behind her ear.

“Well, Harris Steele, look at you!” Vivian says as she loops her arm through mine. “Now, you and I will have a talk while Kat directs the movers. Come. We’ll sit in the family room outside of Kat’s bedroom.” 

I can’t help but to grin back at Vivian and allow her to lead me through the palatial, multimillion-dollar residence. We pass windows with incredible 360-degree views. The Freedom Tower to the south, the Empire State building to the south, New Jersey west of the Hudson River, and beyond the East River.

“Mr. Steele, we’re ready to begin, sir.”

I pull my gaze from the captivating panorama.

Six movers wait outside of what I presume is Kat’s bedroom. Already prepared with wardrobe and regular boxes to gather her things. 

“Thank you,” I respond to the one in charge as I shake his hand. With a nod towards Kat, I continue. “This is Ms. Jackson. She will let you know what needs to be done.”

They disappear into the bedroom while Vivian and I settle on a leather sofa. She tucks her long, toned legs encased in yoga pants beneath her. A collarless cashmere sweater falls off her shoulder to reveal a matching tank top.

Kat tells me how they do twice-weekly Pilates sessions together and how Vivian eats healthily. It’s clear she takes excellent care of herself. I remind myself to introduce her to some of my buddies.  

“So, this idea of Kat moving in with you just popped into your head this morning, Harris?” Vivian asks with an elegant eyebrow arched.

We’ve met twice only, so I still need to prove myself to My Kitty Kat’s best friend.

“It’s been on my mind for the last week or so. The time we spent together made me realize we might as well take it another step,” I respond honestly.

Vivian studies me a moment, then nods as though satisfied with my answer.

“Okay. But just so you know, Kat is my good friend. She made bad choices. But she’s remorseful and wants to make things right between you and your family—the Steeles and the Jacksons. Especially since the latter is her family, too. So do not hurt her,” Vivian states.

It’s my turn to nod. I can respect their friendship and protectiveness of each other.

“Wonderful! Now, tell me about these buddies of yours Kat mentioned…” Vivian says with a wink.

I chuckle at the whiplash from the change in topic and go through my list of bachelors. Viv and I continue to talk while the movers hustle in and out with Kat’s things.

“Okay, my little helpers, time to go.”

I stop mid-sentence at Kat’s words. Vivian raises her gaze to her friend.

“Oh, my, done so soon?” Viv asks with her hand to heart and wide-eyed, feigning surprise.

I grin and stand from the sofa.

“Well done,” I say and wrap my arm around My Kitty Kat’s waist. 

She rolls her eyes and nudges my side with her elbow.

I pretend she inflicted a mortal wound, and the girls giggle.

We follow a mover who carries the last box from the bedroom. He heads for the penthouse’s service entrance, where the movers finish on the service elevator and at the building’s service entrance. The girls and I go to the residents’ elevators for the ride down to the lobby. 

Alonso waits at the curb and opens the SUV’s door.

Vivian pauses before she gets in and turns to Kat.

“You’re sure you have everything?” Viv asks.

I turn to My Kitty Kat questioningly.

She tugs on a corner of her lower lip as she considers her answer. Her emerald green eyes widen. 

“Hold on, I forgot my music box. I’ll be right back,” she says, spinning on her heel.

“I’ll come with you,” I say as I follow her to the doors.

“Not to worry. It’ll just take me a minute,” she says as she waves me off over her shoulder and rushes inside.

I watch her go as Viv slips inside the SUV.

“Are you getting inside, Mr. Steele?”

Alonso’s question draws my attention. I nod and stride to the other side of the SUV. When Kat returns, she’ll sit in the middle.

Vivian’s fingers fly across the screen of her mobile. I retrieve mine from the pocket of my Brunello Cucinelli cashmere down parka. Even though it’s Saturday, my business email account has plenty to occupy the time it’ll take for Kat to return. 

Caught up in the influx of messages, I lose track of time until my mobile rings with a call from The STEELE Tower.

“Mr. Steele, the movers arrived with Ms. Jackson’s items. Shall I give them access to your penthouse, sir?” The concierge asks.

I frown and glance at the clock. Twenty minutes passed. My gaze goes to the apartment building’s front doors. Vivian peers at them, too.

“Yes, give the movers access with two security team members to watch over them and have my house manager oversee their activities,” I respond, then end the call.

“What’s taking Kat so long?” Viv asks. “I sent a text message to her, but she hasn’t responded.”

My frown deepens as I jump from the SUV. Viv joins me as we head towards the doors and through the lobby. The ride upstairs is tense. She unlocks the front doors to the penthouse and calls out to Kat.

No answer. Only silence.

The hairs on the back of my neck rise.

“Kat!” I yell as I race towards her former bedroom. “Where are you?!”

I round the corner. The bedroom door stands open, but no sound comes from within.

Did she fall and can’t respond?

Vivian catches up to me as I burst into the bedroom.

“She’s not in the rest of the penthouse,” she says anxiously.

My eyes scan the empty bedroom. No sign of Kat. 

Scattered pieces of what appears to be a music box litters the floor by the closest. 

What the fuck???

A scream from Vivian makes me pivot. Hands fisted, ready to fight. 

In front of her staggers one mover.

An unclothed mover.

An unclothed mover with dried blood plastered to the side of his head. He grips the doorframe and moans.

“What the fuck happened to you?!” I shout as I rush over and grab him by the arms before he collapses to the floor. “And where the hell is Kat?!?!?!”

His head hangs and fresh blood oozes from the gash.

In the background, Vivian speaks rapidly into her mobile. The words police and ambulance filter through the red haze that descends around me.

“Come on, man! Speak up!” I shout as I shake the mover.

He sputters incoherently.

“Harris, give him a moment,” Vivian says softly as she rests her hand on my shoulder.

I nod and lead him to a chair in the family room.

“Are you sure Kat isn’t anywhere else in here?” I ask Vivian.

She shakes her head solemnly as tears well in her eyes.

I turn back to the mover. I refuse to give up hope Kat is okay. Who the fuck could have gotten in here, anyway? It’s a secure building and penthouse. No one knew she was moving.

“S—S—Someone hit me… while… while I was in the service hallway,” the mover says. “Didn’t see who—”

His sentence ends with a grunt of pain from the shake he gives to his head. He clasps it. But Vivian holds his wrist to keep him from touching the bloody wound.

Shouts ring out as thunderous footfalls approach us.

“Over here!” Vivian calls as she rushes towards them.

“Where’s the service hallway?!” I yell at her retreating back. 

She gestures for me to follow her along with two building security men. We run through the penthouse to the other side. As we near, the door stands ajar with a bloody palm print on it.

A small palm.

A small palm print from a woman’s hand.


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