Immerse Yourself in The Sensual Life Of CharmaineLouise

CharmaineLouise — The Sensual Life

Glitzy. Glamorous. Steamy.

CharmaineLouise - The Sensual Life 

CharmaineLouise New York, Inc. invites you to indulge in The Sensual Lifestyle through CharmaineLouise Books and CharmaineLouise Intimates. CLBrands immerse you in Sexy Fantasies with CLBooks contemporary romance novels and gives you Sexy Under Things & Loungewear with CLIntimates. 

CharmaineLouise Intimates Sexy Under Things & Loungewear debuted in 2003. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of sensuous sirens and sylph swans of the past and present, the hand crochet cashmere and silk collections are for the steamy: hence, the line names Ginger — Bombshell; Diana — Showstopper; Jackie — Timeless; Lena — Classic. Also known as The Movie-Star from Gilligan's Island; Ms. Ross The Boss; Mrs. Kennedy Onassis; Ms. Horne. Visit the Boutique here.

Hand-Crochet Reinvented.