STEELE International, Inc. Series — Trilogies A Trilogy of Desires Malcolm & Starr Parts I-III

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STEELE International, Inc. A Billionaires Romance Series — Trilogies Book 3 A Trilogy of Desires Malcolm & Starr Parts I-III

A Billionaires Romance Series

Glitzy. Glamorous. Steamy. 


Now the magnetic love affair of Malcolm The Enforcer Steele the second son; the rebel; the bad boy billionaire playboy of the family and the laid-back LA girl who owns a luxury yoga and wellness center Starr Knight is complete!

Capture My Desires Malcolm & Starr Part I

Steamy Love Triangle Romance

Sexy AF Billionaire Meets Laid-back Yogi 

Can he capture the heart of his free-spirited woman, or will one of his former lovers make their fledgling romance collapse?

Embrace My Desires Malcolm & Starr Part II

Scorching Second Chance Romance

Will his ex-psycho-playmate drag him back to his old ways? Or will his Earth Angel ground him for a second chance at their love?

Cherish My Desires Malcolm & Starr Part III

Sizzling Soul Mates

Will he make the most of his resurrection? Or will he screw up… Again?


The Trilogy features the Happy For Now conclusion of their written-in-the-stars romance. Their tryst is a standalone in the series.


Praise for A Trilogy of Desires Malcolm & Starr Parts I-III

This book is about lust, sexy, and very steamy romance between two people. Can't wait for part 2." Angela C.  Amazon Review, on Capture My Desires
"All I have to say is WoW. This book is a page turner all the through. I'm loving this series. You won't regret reading this book trust." Manisha R.  Amazon Review, on Embrace My Desires
“NOOOOOOOO!!!! I was NOT ready for the story to end, but the ending was reflective of what Malcolm and Starr represent - red, hot passion!!" Mzlegz  Goodreads Review, on Cherish My Desires


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